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I am a happily married man with two kids. I played one of America’s favorite sports at the highest level. Following retirement (not by choice), I began a journey of discovery picking up on hobbies that I avoided throughout my high school, college, and professional sport career due to what I can only describe as loyalty to the game. One of the hobbies that consumed so much of my time was/is martial arts. It was this humbling experience that required me to be less rigid and more adaptable. It helped me to understand balance and how little I had in my life. It ultimately led me down the path of mental health.  I went back to school (which I vowed to never do) to get my Master of Science in clinical mental health counseling. Once I was finally working in the field, I found myself referring back to perspectives I learned from the colonel (as well as other mentors that you will get to know throughout my blog) just as often as psychological theorists. To protect my clients, as well as the identities of people that may be mentioned in blogs, I decided to keep this blog anonymous for now. I have often thought of anonymity on the webs, specifically social media, as cowardice. I battled back and forth with whether I should do the blog at all. Ultimately I decided I was blessed with such amazing mentors such as the colonel that I had to share. To avoid going against my principles of not being a coward, there will be no hit pieces, no call outs, and no us versus them. This blog will simply offer a perspective with goal of people finding balance and psychological well-being.

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